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We Are a Federally Recognized Debt Relief Agency. A law firm that helps people file for bankruptcy under the United States Bankruptcy Code.No one WANTS to file for Bankruptcy Protection, but it is such an important “safety net” that it was part of the US Constitution & can be traced back to even the Old Testament. Bankruptcy is a financial tool to help people whose creditors have pushed them into a corner by refusing to work with them reasonably in solving their financial difficulties.

Here’s Another Secret
I used to be a Collection Attorney and, I can tell you for a fact, Creditors have people whose sole job is to get as much money as possible from you as quick as possible, or, if that isn’t possible, THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PUSH YOU INTO BANKRUPTCY. Nowhere is the goal to work with you in any reasonable way to solve the issues. As far as they’re concerned, they get more benefit from the accounting advantages of a bankruptcy then working with you!!!

Lose the collection harassment. Lose the financial despair. Lose the “Debt Stress”!

I’m an experienced local Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney & Debt Counselor with a RISK FREE CONSULTATION so you can find out what your best options are. Even if you don’t end up hiring us, at least you can get your questions answered with reliable information and finally feel like you have some control over things again.
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There are many self-proclaimed “Financial Experts” out there telling people, “Bankruptcy bad. No, No.” Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe they’ve never been in real financial bad shape. Maybe they’ve never had collectors calling non-stop…calling them names…making threats.
It’s easy to sit on top of the mountain and tell other people to “quit whining and tighten your belt”. Except that it’s crappy advice for a lot of people. You aren’t ever going to dig back out and the creditors aren’t going to let you anyway.Most people are doing fine until something happens out of their control (job loss, divorce, medical issue, etc.), and then, no matter what they try, things just seem to keep going downhill.You aren’t doing anyone any good by staying stuck in a never-ending financial quicksand. It will ruin your life. And, since no one knows how long they’ve got to live, some stuffed-shirt, rich financial “expert” should take a leap before telling people they don’t deserve to get help now!
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I’ve been one of the top Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorneys for over 15 years, have helped thousands of people get things straightened out & have gotten rid of over $10 MILLION of debt!!


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Why is it so hard to understand student loans?!? Even I had no idea what payment plans were available under the law; what were the best options for consolidating or looking at a forbearance/deferment; what the heck compounding interest meant to my balance; etc. etc. And worse yet, the people at Sallie Mae didn’t seem to be any help at figuring it out!

Student loan law and procedures are complicated, and, they get changed all the time. It’s like trying to figure out the tax code! That’s why no one seems to be able to help. If attorneys don’t even understand their own student loans, how can they possibly help someone else?! I got sick of not understanding student loans & did something about it.

Did you know, even if you’re unemployed, you can set up a payment plan that has a payment as low as $5/month!!! Five dollars per month is a possible payment!!

There are a million things I didn’t know or understand about student loans before. Now I do & I can help you.

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